Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When is a Glamour Don't... a Don't?

Glamour Magazine's Dos & Don'ts feature has been a popular part of the magazine for many years and has amused or helped (or both) readers to pinpoint fashion mistakes that could easily be avoided. Photos of people wearing outfits that are either hit or miss --either by an inch or a mile-- make it easy to see where any of us can go wrong when trying to get dressed.

So after looking at their feature as presented on the MSN home page, we were a little puzzled. The latest online offering, as seen on MSN, seemed to be missing something and looked a little, incomplete . It most likely was an oversight but someone should have been paying closer attention.

There is a "Do" visible on Glamour's home page that is not present on the MSN page. This final shot is crucial to presenting a balanced piece. It may seem like a quibble but it does make a difference as far as sensitivity goes. If you visit Glamour Magazine's page of the Do's & Don'ts feature, you will see a final "DO" shot that balances the total picture, shot #13.