Monday, April 14, 2008

Descort over Escorts

Here is something that I have wondered about whenever I have to look up something in the Yellow Pages that happens to fall alphabetically somewhere in or near the “E” section.

It has seems a little strange that anyone can pick up a copy of the Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, most any business directory, whatever the color, and find a category named……………Escorts.

Go ahead. Look it up.

Or go online to . Type in Escort Services. I ask, who is kidding whom here? Typing in NYC 10021 here are some of the names I found:
“ Adorable Centerfold Escorts.” “Rock Star Escorts. “ And, in homage to the Al Pacino film, I guess, “Scent of a Woman.”

The list gets more entertaining: USA She Males, Tokyo 25, Victorias She Males, The Relationship Center, Young College Girls, Oriental Delight, “Oriental Delights” “Oriental Delight Toll-Free Dial 1 & Then…”

But let’s look at other locations:

Orlando, FL
“Wicked Ways.” “A Touch of Class” (usually when this is the name it has none. )“All Executive Service” Robertson Brothers (?) And the twelve stepper’s “Sober Escorts, Incorporated.” Even when the business is named “A Absolutely Discreet Desires.” As Spitzer found out, it's not so discreet after all.

Oklahoma City, OK -- “Asian Baby Dolls” (paging Stabler and Benson), “Hot Little Hotties” (Again—let’s get Olivia and El), “40 & Fabulous” “About 40 & Over” (evidently anyone over 40 can still be in demand in OK City) “Well Built” and “Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads’ and “Hot Housewives” “Latin Temptations” “Petite Treats” “Upscale Blondes”

LA— No surprises here----“Caligula Productions-- Exclusive Male Escort - American Express Accepted.” Good to hear that.
“Have You Been a Bad Boy”, “ICM Media” (I wonder if ICM knows about this?)

Boise, Idaho --“Slender and Sultry” “Ancient Thai Massage” “Boise Motor Escort” I have no idea what that one means. Don’t think I want to know.

You get the idea. Why can’t we just be honest here and say what is going on here?
It exists but we don’t want to know about. It is there but let’s not look too closely. This has nothing to do with Eliot Spitzer. Almost nothing.

I wondered if the companies that publish these advertisements have any thoughts about, well, the legitimacy of these services. So, I wrote and asked two of them:

What criteria must advertisers meet before they can advertise in the Yellow Pages?

How do you determine if a business is legitimate? Or if it is in violation of some law?

Thank you very much

One reply came back:
Thanks for contacting YELLOWPAGES.COM.
A representative will contact you as soon as possible.
If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service department toll free at 1-800-343-7390.

I never heard back. If and when I do, I’ll let you know here.

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E. Rose said...

Basically it's advertised prostitution, but since it does not say it out loud it is "legal."