Sunday, May 25, 2008

Charge it! (Words by Tim Curry)

I keep hearing that Americans are still buying as much gas for cars. It is as if we are in denial—but then, not everyone can take public transportation. It may not exist for our itinerary. Does that mean more of us are charging it—putting off until tomorrow what we can’t pay for today?

Let the song speak:

You can Telex my accountant

Call up Tele-Credit, too

I know they sent a monthly statement

But I never read it through

You say you won't accept my Visa

Or American Express

And the computer is suspicious'

Cause I've got no fixed address

Lady, that's a valid document

Check out the way I'm dressed

You know the way I'm feeling now

I'd take a lie-detector test

Paradise lost for capital gain

Traded for a ticket on the gravy train

I can amortize the cost with a minimum of pain

But I need it for a write-off

Can't take another night off

You know I never carry change

I just Charge It

Where do I sign?

Charge It

Show me the dotted line

Charge It

I don't have the time to waste.....

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