Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Part 2 Virtual Lives, Virtual Lies

There is no end, it seems to the “I didn’t/couldn’t do it so I’ll just make it up” genre not only of books, but of—well, most everything. Misha Defonseca and Margaret Seltzer are just two of the recent ingredients in the made-up truths mix. Remember Marilee Jones, dean of admissions at MIT who resigned after it was discovered she had invented her qualifications?
Now, we also have this, from The Associated Press:

“After rising to culinary stardom preparing impossible meals on his Food Network series, Robert Irvine has met an obstacle his kitchen prowess couldn't overcome — an embellished resume.
The star of "Dinner: Impossible" has acknowledged fabricating some of the more fantastic parts of his resume, including having cooked for Britain's Royal Family and various U.S. presidents.
Following the revelations, the network announced it would not renew Irvine's contract, though it would air the remaining episodes of the current season, the series' fourth.”

I have another good friend who is in the executive search business and verifying resumes is the least a professional can do to make sure the candidate is all he or she claims to be. But it seems that today more liars think it is not really lying, just…embellishing.

All these fakers are sorry, of course and they are a sorry lot. But—do you want to feel more agitated? Take a look at:
Now that is really sorry.

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