Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Take My Rebate, Please!

And speaking of the economy….what about those rebate checks? I have been hearing about that rebate check for so long I feel as if it has come and already been spent. No, wait. It actually already has been spent. I figure the rebate check just about might be enough to cover either:

2 deliveries of home heating oil
1 month of groceries for a thrifty family of 4, if they are all on a diet
20 tanks of gas for some kind of car somewhere
2 root canals
Some combination of the above.

Point is, if the Government thinks anyone who gets a rebate check is going to run off to the nearest Ford Dealership or Target or Sears to make a major purchase to goose this foot-dragging economy, it is mistaken.
That money has already been spent. It will go to pay off the interest on the purchases of that stuff people made last year when they thought this latest boom would never end.

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MB said...

I agree, the last stimulus check back fired as well. Although I am one of the lucky ones who will be on of the first to get the rebate, the $600 I receive won't even pay for one tank of home heating fuel. Oddly enough, mine will go towards my property taxes. Not much economic stimulation going on there, but I certainly won't refuse the money!