Friday, September 26, 2008

Opinions from Readers on the Bailout

From "DAC - Montclair, NJ:

Even before Ronald Reagan, supply side economics and the "trickle down" theory of economics have proven time and time again to be disastrous for the American people, producing massive national debt, rampant corporate greed with unaccountability and massive American taxpayer bailouts.
Yet, Republicans continue to point to Democrats over and over again as providing too much government and too much regulatory oversight as the problem. It may be true that this government bailout is necessary to save the American financial from it's own manufactured demise, but responsible government leaders must HEAVILY regulate the deal. They must make sure those responsible for reckless corporate management do not profit in any way (including through previously negotiated compensation contracts) and that the American taxpayer PROFITS from any benefit. And may all Americans recognize that we are looking at the end result of what Republicans propose for private Social Security accounts - corporate greed, corruption and another massive taxpayer bailout when it comes crashing down.

Let's learn something for a change!

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