Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still another opinion....

From Matt in Mass.

".... haven't read exactly what it consists of yet. The one thing I do feel though is that NONE of the ceo's or cfo's that helped ruin these companies should get one dime of a bonus or buy out or however it is dubbed. The other thing is [that this is not really] another failed policy of George Bush since it was Bill Clinton and Barney Frank who set this in motion during Clinton's presidency......"

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John said...

Sure, try blaming Clinton and Barney Frank. You're claiming that anything they did 8 years ago has more weight than the fact that George Bush, his administration and his supporters (like yourself) have been standing by in the 8 years since. If what was done 8 years ago was so horrendous, how come no one has bothered to correct the alleged problems for the past 8 years? Who has been benefitting from all the unregulated malfeasance and greed that has raged out of control for the last 8 years? Take those sour grapes of yours and go make some vinegar.