Monday, September 6, 2010

Mom's the Word

..or so it would seem. It doesn't mater what other accomplishments a woman has to her name. If she is also a mom, that is how she will be defined by much of the media much of the time. And we are referring to stories that have nothing to do with whether the person in question has children. It was noticeable during the Winter Olympics, although mentioning an athlete was also a Dad didn't seem to cross any newscasters' lips. It is almost as if a woman's roster of credentials is not enough or that there is something missing--kind of "don't worry, she's also a mom, so, dear reader or viewer, don't feel threatened, she is complete."

Look, being a mother is admirable and we have the utmost respect for mothers and fathers alike who care about their offspring and are dedicated to their families. But if women are going to be singled with the parenthood addendum to their C.V.s , then so should men. Or, better yet, just let the accomplishments and talents that have something to do with the news in question be enough.

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Lucy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.....from all of us women who never did get around to spawning.
There's a fair bit of "don't worry, she's not gay" in the "also a mom" reference as well.
Being married but childless, to some people, (usually other women of a self righteous ilk) carries the implication that something is "wrong" with you.
But you're right about being a man. Nobody questions your choices because they figure it's none of their business....and they are sooo right.