Sunday, September 26, 2010

Your 15 Minutes Are Up, Now Go Away

Please.  YouTube, Facebook, Reality TV, Twitter, and the next big thing are doing a great job of keeping us from living in  the moment. Instead of taking in with as many senses as possible what is happening right now, we have become  simultaneous translators, texting every bit of non-information (is it really informing anyone?) while experiencing only on the periphery. We are not Luddites. These gadgets are important and do serve a purpose. But just as food and beverages are good for you, overindulging in food or alcohol can wreak havoc with your body. So, too, can an overload of factoid dispersion wreak havoc with your schedule, your brain and your psyche. How is it any different from any other addiction when you must always have the absolutely newest means of spreading your "news" and once you have hold of the hardware and software, the inability to put down the gadget, step away from the keyboard and just experience.
And be sure to look into how all this stuff is made and what goes into the production of every scrap.

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